M  A  R  E  N

MAREN Institutions
University of Malawi
Bunda College
College of Medicine
Chancellor College
KCN - Lilongwe
KCN - Blantyre
Malawi Polytechnic
Mzuzu University
Lilongwe University of Science and Technology
Department of Agricultural Research Services

Contact Us Prof. L. Kamwanja
MAREN Chairperson
University of Malawi
P.O. Box 278
Zomba, Malawi.
Tel: +265 1 524 282
Fax: +265 1 524 760
Email: provc@unima.mw

Solomon Dindi
Chancellor College
P.O. Box280
Zomba, Malawi.
Email: soldindi@yahoo.com

 Website by: Tiwonge M. Banda
Malawi Research and Education Network

MAREN Chairperson, Prof L. Kamwanja

MAREN, the Malawi NREN, is one of the founding members of the UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking. MAREN is recognised
by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as the Malawian
NREN MAREN has three founder members: the University of Malawi, Mzuzu University and the Department of Agricultural Research Services. Another tertiary institution, the Lilongwe University of Science and Technology (LUSTECH), joined in 2009. These institutions are on 9 locations from north to south of Malawi. Two new universities are likely to join within the year. MAREN works closely with MALICO, the Malawi Library and Information Consortium.
MAREN is grateful to FRENIA (Fostering Research and Education Networking
In Africa) for startup funding.

What is an NREN?
Regional Communication Infrastructure Program

MAREN and Ubuntunet Alliance members meeting the Privatisation Committee members in impementing the RCIP-Project


NRENs: National Research and Education Networks are national organizations in Africa and elsewhere representing groups of tertiary education institutions.  Their mandate includes improving Internet connectivity for  members. In several cases, these organizations are also involved in other activities, but all of them are actively involved with Internet Connectivity. Steiner, R et al (2005) Paren: Promoting African Research and Education Networking: a study sponsored by IDRC, Jan 2005.

MAREN Acceptable Use Policy [PDF, 68KB]
Bandwidth Management and Optimisation Workshop
Stakeholders' Consultative Workshop to Facilitate the Establishment of MAREN, Ryalls Hotel, Blantyre, 11th July 2007
Proceedings of the Consultative Workshop to Facilitate the Establishment of MAREN
Report PDF, 449KB
Situation Analysis for MAREN [PDF, 94KB]
Availability of Optical Fibre in Zambia and Malawi [PDF, 340KB]
Use of ICT in Science and Engineering: A case of the University of Malawi [PDF, 90KB]

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